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Rent or buy?

This is why in some cases renting a car is cheaper than buying a car

Do you need a car, but despite a normal income, you don’t yet have savings that could be spent on buying a car? You don’t want to waste on depreciation when you buy a new car that could be 50 percent cheaper in a few years? You do not want to spend money on insurance, vehicle tax, maintenance, etc.?

Then maybe you should consider renting a car instead of buying one? Did you know that in some cases (NOT ALL), by renting a car, you can get more benefits than by owning a car. Especially when it comes to buying a car on credit.

Recall that Volvo recently launched a “car by subscription” service, through which you can rent a new Volvo XC60 crossover. Hyundai also plans to launch a similar service in the near future. In addition, you can rent a car by signing a leasing agreement, after which you will return the car back to the leasing company.

And finally, if you do not need a car every day, then the best solution would be to use carsharing.

  1. When you’re trying to buy the car you’ve been dreaming of, you have to deposit hundreds of thousands or even several million rubles; when you rent a car, you can realize this dream by paying only a small part, and you can freely use the rest of your money
  2. If you buy a car, you should be aware of the costs of insurance, tires, car maintenance, which may exceed the cost of the car during operation. And when you rent a car, you don’t have to pay for it
  3. For example, you save yourself the trouble of car maintenance and seasonal tire changes
  4. You can drive the car of your dreams that you might never have saved or saved for a very long time
  5. When the vehicle you bought refuses to start due to a dead battery, you try to bring the car back to life in various ways. Everything is easier with a rented car
  6. You don’t have to wait years to save up for a fresher, bigger car
  7. When you own a car, you will constantly worry about the paintwork of the body and spend a lot of time choosing parking. By renting a car, you will feel more comfortable
  8. When you buy a car, you tend to abandon your dreams by doing market research to pick the car that loses the least value
  9. If your purchased car breaks down or has an accident, you will have to take a taxi or subway home. When you rent a car, you can enjoy a replacement car
  10. When you buy a car, you need to conclude a contract of sale, buy OSAGO / CASCO, register the car with the traffic police, get numbers. With a rental car, you don’t have to
  11. When you get bored with your old car or it’s time to change it to a newer one, it’s hard for you to get rid of it. You spend days, weeks, months to sell a car. You can easily give a rented car and take another immediately

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