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Sports cars

Unfortunately, with the change of generation, many sports cars have lost their manual transmission. And some, although they remained true to her, are no longer officially sold in Russia, such as the Honda Civic Type R and Toyota GT86. We decided to find out what else is “hot” and on the “handle” can be found at Russian dealers

Naturally, in the price range up to 2.5 million rubles, you can still find a whole scattering of new cars with a manual transmission: from state employees like Lada Granta to basic versions of Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and Toyota Land Cruiser Prado SUVs.

But we are wondering how many new driver’s cars can be bought in Russia with three pedals and a stirrer. Even if you have to wait several months for delivery. Indeed, as a rule, it is the news that the next sports or near-sport car completely switches to two pedals that causes the most negative responses in the networks among automotive enthusiasts.

Lada Vesta Sport

Sports cars Our small parade is opened by the domestic Lada Vesta Sport. The recipe for transforming from an ordinary “Vesta” into a sports civilian one is simple and relevant: the pedal assembly was finalized, more powerful brakes were installed, the track was widened, the suspension was reconfigured, and the 1.8-liter aspirated was boosted to 145 forces and 184 Nm, which the standard 5-speed digests. Mechanics. Of course, I would like a more accurate short-stroke, but what we have is not bad.


Mini Cooper S

Sports carsIf we had written this article a few years ago, there would have been a loaded Mini John Cooper Works. But, unfortunately, today the 231-horsepower JCW hatchback is sold in Russia only with an automatic 6-speed gearbox. From the version with the mechanics in the representation refused. But you can still buy a Mini Cooper S with a 192-horsepower petrol turbo four and a 6-speed manual.


Hyundai i30 N

Sports cars Contrary to the massive trends in the transfer of sports cars to robotic boxes, Hyundai brought to Russia an honest hot hatchback made in the good old traditions: a turbo engine in two boost options (249 hp and 275 hp), sports suspension, front-wheel drive and 6-speed manual.



Subaru WRX and WRX STI

Sports carsThis couple is a real Japanese “old school”! Especially the top-end version of the WRX STI with the good old 300-horsepower 2.5-liter EJ25 boxer, nicknamed the “Hedgehog”, which fans remember from past generations of the sedan. For STI, 6-speed manual has no alternative. And the WRX with a two-liter 268-horsepower four is equipped with a choice of both mechanics and a CVT.



Sports carsThe Bavarian “Emki” with a mechanical transmission have not yet died out – the BMW M2 is one of the last. Moreover, the hot rear-wheel drive “Deuce” with 6-speed manual can be ordered not only in the 410-horsepower Competition version, but also in the CS version with a 450-horsepower three-liter in-line six.




Sports cars And since we are talking about the Bavarians, let’s immediately mention one more representative of the “M-division” – the BMW M4. By the way, even with normal “nostrils”. A two-door with a 450-horsepower in-line six in the Competition version, standard for the Russian market, is offered with a 6-speed manual gearbox. In addition to being “tough”, as the “petrolheads” say, the three-pedal M4 has another weighty argument in its favor – it is a whole million rubles more affordable than the modification with a robot.


Porsche 718

Sports carsCompleting our selection of three-pedal sports cars is the Porsche 718 family – Cayman and Boxster in various variations. Both the entry model with a two-liter 300-horsepower engine, and the S-version with a 2.5-liter turbocharged boxer engine with 350 horsepower, are offered both with a PDK robot and with a 6-speed manual.

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