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Business transfer

The business transfer service includes a meeting, fast transportation of one or more people from the airport or train station to their destination in luxury cars. ⠀

This is a great way to make the right impression on influential people, important clients and business partners. ⠀

According to the rules of etiquette, when receiving a delegation from another city or country, it is the host party who must organize the meeting and comfortable transfer of guests to the hotel or office.

If you do not have your own fleet of vehicles and want to meet your dear guests in a prestigious car corresponding to their status, our company will organize it at the highest level. ⠀

Car rental with driver

All drivers in the Kremlincars service are selected according to strict criteria. In addition to accident-free experience, each candidate for this position must possess the following qualities: ⠀

▪️Impeccable appearance; ⠀
▪️Culture of driving; ⠀
▪️Pleasant manners; ⠀
▪️Knowledge of English;⠀
▪️High level of intelligence. ⠀

A personal driver will be another proof of your high status!

Kremlincars drivers have extensive driving experience and have all the skills you need to be confident on the road in any situation.

Premium car for photography

Ordering a car for filming is a solution that allows you not to waste time and money in vain. ⠀

Kremlincars will be happy to provide a premium class car for your gorgeous photo session. The venue is at the request of the customer, it is also possible to organize the turnkey photo shoot itself with the participation of our photographer.

You just have to choose the option you need, specify the rental period and type of payment. If you have any questions or require additional information, our managers will be happy to provide it to you.

Premium car for video filming

We offer you the best solution for advertising your business.

Agree, what can attract attention more than a spectacular car? ⠀

Options for using the Kremlincars fleet to promote a personal brand on instagram or youtube, as well as for advertising campaigns, are limited solely by the customer’s imagination and budget.

Advertising with Kremlincars is the perfect solution. We are happy to help you realize any idea: from branded wrapping to convertible rides around the mall.

Premium car for a wedding

The Kremlincars team will make the most important holiday of your life unforgettable.

We will select the best premium cars for you, decorate them with style, and you will only have to focus on the most important thing.

Our cars will emphasize the uniqueness of your event, make the ceremony extraordinary, and colorful photo session.

Don’t compromise on your big day, because you deserve only the best.

We offer to make your wedding brighter and fill it with unique emotions by choosing instead of traditional, boring, and often just old limousines, a bright sports car, convertible or premium class car.

Corporate client

Every year, car rental by organization is gaining more and more popularity. And this is not surprising. Owning a car park is a very expensive undertaking. In addition to the purchase and maintenance of cars, technical personnel involved in their maintenance and repair are also necessary. Cars need to be provided with spare parts, maintenance. Buying cars and maintaining their fleet requires significant paperwork, taxes and fees. ⠀

Another possibility – car rental by legal entities in Kazan – turns out to be more profitable and more convenient. All costs that require considerable expenses, the lessor company assumes, providing always serviceable, modern, comfortable and safe vehicles. ⠀

Our company offers a significant selection of car models from different manufacturers of premium and business classes, I guarantee their full serviceability. We are interested in long-term, friendly relations and value the time of our customers, therefore, in the event of a breakdown, we guarantee a replacement car of at least the same class.

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