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Planing boats

Planing is a type of yacht movement when it floats on the water and moves by sliding on the surface of the water. The yacht enters the planing state when it develops a critical speed and overcomes the resistance of the water.


Their main advantage is high speed, which develops due to gliding and minimal water resistance. Such yachts easily overtake leisurely ships, cut through the water surface and develop tremendous speed, leaving behind a foam trail.


The disadvantage of yachts of this type is that while sailing on the waves, the planing ship sways a lot. Therefore, you should swim at sea carefully, avoiding storms.

At high speed and low weight, the yacht can skid, and in case of an unfortunate set of circumstances, you can completely lose control. Therefore, planing yachts are equipped with longitudinal pedestals and keels, and also use the bottom of a complex shape. All this guarantees an increase in strength and controllability, while without a strong loss of power due to the redan, which reduces water resistance.


When sailing on the sea, you should choose a stable yacht, with a keel, a strong bottom and a stable shape. Another disadvantage: gluttony. The yacht’s engine on planing consumes more fuel than displacement yachts and is much louder.

For ease of travel, it is recommended to install a flybridge. Flybridge – a platform above the yacht, its “second floor”. Additional space will not be superfluous: it will allow you to accommodate a small company, sunbathe and give a wide view.

True, when using a flybridge, the speed of the vessel drops due to an increase in weight and a deterioration in aerodynamics. However, this is a forced payment for the opportunity to accommodate a company or just sunbathe. It makes sense to install a flybridge only when it will be possible to go out onto the deck without the risk of freezing. Therefore, when traveling in the northern seas, it makes no sense to install a flybridge.

Gliding yachts are recommended to use when traveling “with the breeze”. However, such a yacht is suitable not only for extreme sports: thanks to its luxurious appearance and moderate speed, such a yacht will become a place for a romantic pastime.

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